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The young 'uns of the goth scene
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This is a community for those of you who are part of the goth scene but have the annoying handicap of being a teenager. You've probably found a couple of older goths who are more understanding than most of the agist assholes in the scene, but even so, most of the time people don't want to spend any time with you merely because you're a young 'un, despite the fact that you like all the same music, all the same styles and all the same movies and literature as the rest of them.
There there. We're here for you.
There's only one rule here. If you join, make sure you have the same vague perception of what "goth" (ah, love it but hate it) is. I am of course, referring to those die-hard Coal Chamber and Kittie fans who may somehow find themselves here and get it into their heads that this is the right place for them.
Believe me, IT'S NOT.