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[.pet1t.m0nstre reporting for duty!.]

Wow. Do I ever feel pathetic. ^-^' I can't sleep so I compromise with myself to write an introduction...Woe is me. *-*'''

I'm new. [What a profound statement! Yes...I know it may end up being highly demeaning to your intelligence...but I'll say it anyway].

I'm a little Asian oddling that resides in the subarbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul. MN. Minnetrista if anyone knows where that is xD'''''' Hmm.

Truthfully, I haven't read through previous posts or anything...so I am virtually clueless and naive. It would suffice if I give you some insight on myself wouldn't it?

I'm 14. [is it just me...or does it echo in here?] Yes...I know...young... odd. I don't exactly consider myself 'goth' 'punk' or anything for that matter. I guess it's more of a description kind of thing. Music taste, clothing, choice in alcohol xD' what have you! I have an odd range of interests that spand from neon signs after midnight to morgues. I'm only on this quest to amuse myself. That's the meaning of life to me. To find meaning and the contrive some basis for entertainment. I wouldn't associate myself with the Doom & Gloom mien...for I find myself venturing far off and being my own giddy self xP'''. My music tastes tend to be more of the Old School variety...but truthfully...I can relate with anything that has a good beat, amazing vocals, or a catchy tune. I find myself pretty interested in Industrial and Electronica. yep. *shrugs* I'm just not that picky of a person. I try to be open-minded and try to see both sides before I judge. I am an avid addictee of Sid Vicious, Rozz Williams, Robert Smith & Siouxsie Sioux. {*slaps self* I forgot Peter Murphy o.o'''''} As it has been for...a while now ^-^'. [side comment: R.I.P. Rozz.]. Let's see...I am devoted to my literature. Modern or elsewise. Movies? Movies...that sounds like a plausible subject. Um...wow. I'm absorbed into black & white films...which can range from old horror cult flicks to Audrey Hepburn related works. Hmmm...

Hello Everyone. ^-^'''''''''

[Everyday is Halloween]


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